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Editors' Choice Award
The best electric skateboard, amazing hill climb, added versatility to swap between street and off-road for a price
Editors' Choice Award
A top performing board that fell short for battery life, but makes up for it by being allowed as a carry-on for international travels
Top Pick Award
Hands down, the Onewheel+ is the best board for you if you value having a good time above all else
This product delivers a solid performance across the board with a particularly noteworthy range, but may give you sticker shock at the price
Expensive for a fair electric stakeboard
The Halo Board retails at a premium price, but performs more like a budget board
Best Buy Award
A good overall board for those just starting out in the skating world or are not interested high speeds and live in a relatively flat area
Underperforming board for the price
This tiny skateboard failed to hold its own with the much larger boards, scoring very poorly